Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Falmouth Road Race Weekend Part 4 - Until Next Year!

There is an arc to destination race weekends. It begins on Thursday or Friday with the Expo. Old friends and never met in person friends but are friends on Facebook plan meet ups. Restaurant recommendations and shake out running routes are shared. There's often an event on Saturday and at Falmouth Road Race Weekend, we participated in the Falmouth Walk. And then it's Race Day! All that energy that was stored up in runners' bodies gets let out over the race course while spectators cheer with their voices and more cowbell. As spectators and runners head to after parties with hoarse voices and sore legs, the race crew begins their clean up.

Crowded streets lined with water stops and charity runner tents, barricades to keep spectators at a safe distance from the runners and the finish line with its clock and medical tents magically disappear. DMSE crew are as quick to break down a race as they are to set it up.

Checkout time at the Falmouth Inn was for 11:00am. We set the alarm for 7:00am on Monday morning to ensure we'd have enough time for our morning meditation, traditional run along part of the course, breakfast and time to pack up the car.

It was a hot and humid morning despite being on Cape Cod near the ocean. I love running during vacations because we make up our route as we go.

Here are beautiful scenes from our run that included part of the Falmouth Road Race course. I love asking Tom how he felt at different points along the course and shared with him how we are able to see the sea of runners across the harbor from Mile 6 as they made their way to the finish line.

Even though the Falmouth Road Race is too crowded and too fast a field for me, we get to be together the morning after the race to share in the race experience. We dedicated our miles as we have for the past month to Kevin LaCoste and his family. Kevin suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury and is now recovering at Spaulding Rehab. If you are able, please donate to his GoFundMe page. And please send prayers for healing to this beloved and kind Principal, husband, brother, runner, friend and father of two beautiful children. Kevin had a bib for Falmouth and his wife Ali was going to run for Team Big Heart.

We finished our run at Mary Ellen's Portugese Bakery across from the Falmouth Inn; one of our favorite breakfast places in Falmouth. We were sweaty and hungry yet our hearts were full from the weekend.

As we headed back to our room, Bill who we met when we arrived on Friday was in the hallway.

"Hey you guys already been out training again? You did what 10 miles?" he quipped.

"No we just did a 5K" and I went on to explain how Tom and I have the Monday after tradition of running part of the course together.

We were thrilled that we saw him before we left because Tom captured a picture of him at the push rim wheelchair start:

"We left a note for you on your car door," Tom told him.

"Well it's better than a ticket," Bill quipped referencing how we met. Bill forgot to put up his HP placard. At first glance, without a HP placard or plate, we thought Bill had parked illegally in the handicapped space but once I saw he was maneuvering to get his wheelchair out of the car, Tom and I realized our mistake. I did ask him gently if he had a placard and helped him put it on the rear view mirror. We all laughed at the memory which brought out another runner from his room, also a wheelchair participant.

Everyone talked about their races and about the stellar performance of Daniel Romanchuk

"We may as just pack it in and go home," Bill said.

"I am going to do something in the Masters Division", Matt boasted.

We asked about next events and wished everyone safe travels home but before we did, we sent off a text to Bill and Matt of the Wheelchair Start:

We ended our encounter with, "See ya next year."

On our way to the car, we bumped into Beth Singleton Craig.

We exchanged big hugs and talked about the weekend while asking about what's next for Team Babsie. They are going to go for a Boston Qualifier at the Bay State Marathon and have their sights on doing Camino de Santiago/b> in 2020. I felt goosebumps all over remembering the trailer she shared on Facebook about the journey of this duo. Beth has a deep faith and believes that whatever is meant to be will be.

We gave more hugs, wished each other safe travels home and said we would see each other at the 6th Annual Middlemiss Superhero 5K in a few weeks.

Runners speak the same language and whether or not we've known someone for a few years or a few days, friendships are easily forged. I often say that runner friendships are like instant oatmeal - just add a race or running and you've got it made!

That's a wrap for the 2019 Falmouth Road Race Weekend...thanks for reading...until next year!

To your health and wellness
From my heart to yours

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