Sunday, January 12, 2020

When strong winds blow....

It was supposed to be an easy 4 mile run to top off the tank of training for Tom and Ruth Anne's epic Bermuda Triangle Challenge 10K.

When we saw the temperature of almost 70 degrees with sunshine we did not pay attention to the wind gusts.

We delighted in the fact that we would not need hats and gloves and a heavy running jacket and could head out the door with ease.

There was a moderate wind when we first set out on our run. By the time we arrived at the Reservoir, the winds had picked up. There were white caps on the water!

We were about a quarter of the way around the Reservoir and realized the winds were too strong by the water to continue and thought that the buildings on Beacon Street would provide some insulation from the winds. The tailwind as we changed course almost knocked us over but was certainly an advantage for our pace.

As we were about to turn around at our halfway point on Beacon Street we heard this rattling above. We looked up and there were large metal sheets holding on by what seemed to be a thread on the roof above us. Once we were out of harm's way we called the Brookline Police to let them know of the danger. They had already received a call and said Police and Fire were on the way.

Despite the challenging elements, I took a moment to look up and saw this beautiful cloud formation that reminded me of Horton Hears a Who:

I am not sure why we didn't consider doing fewer miles given the weather conditions, but that thought never entered our minds. And once we hit the halfway mark there was nothing to do but tough out the conditions until we got to our home.

The headwinds on the way back got stronger and stronger as we approached the Reservoir. I found myself shouting at the wind, "Seriously?"

What a powerful metaphor for the past three years where the strong winds of uncertainty for Ruth Anne's physical and emotional health almost brought us to our knees. What relief to find the correct diagnosis of PANDAS and a treatment plan that calmed the storms that plagued her.

We held steady taking rest breaks when we needed to and slowly but surely braved the elements and completed our four plus miles. I turned off Nike+ at 4 miles and walked very slowly up the hill towards home feeling triumphant, exhilarated, hungry and drained.

Rather than focusing on what a tough run it had been, we all felt that sense of overcoming that happens after tough miles.

Our arms, quads, and hips felt the work we did and we felt sore to the core.

There was a sense of joy and exuberance as we hydrated and refueled.

When strong winds blow on the roads and in life you harness all the power that lies within you to make it through.

And when the winds die down, there is a sense of ease and relief as joy bubbles up from deep within knowing how strong, brave and resilient the Divine within and around us is to get us through any challenge.

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness

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