Thursday, June 11, 2020

They had me at hello..Book Review: When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is....

Our guest blogger Ruth Anne McManus is back today with a book review of a recently released book co-authored by the grandfather/grandson team of Bernie Siegel, MD and Charlie Siegel: "When you realize how perfect everything is: A Conversation About Life Between Grandfather and Grandson"

Charlie Siegel and Bernie Siegel, MD's conversation flows in a beautiful way through the gift of their poetry. I am excited for both of them because they guide the reader through the mystic experience of making their poetry their song of the Universe. Charlie is wise beyond his years and 'had me at hello' with his opening poem, "Truth, Love and Light." He asks, "What if everything is predetermined to be undetermined?" He answers with the last stanza, "May you go forth and be someone you love."

There are poems that deeply touched my heart in the conversation or as I like to call it, a conversational anthology that evolved as Charlie and Bernie shared their poetry via email through the years. Those conversations evolved into this book.

Bernie's poem "A Beautiful Burden," captured my heart when he talks about not traveling alone and he'd rather get a hernia carrying his wife's overpacked luggage than experience the burden of traveling this life alone. Bernie uses humor throughout his poetry to convey powerful spiritual messages.

The conversation about different spiritual aspects of life flows seamlessly between the generations. The book is written in sections graced by stunning photographs taken by Charlie. Charlie is a nature photographer and dedicates a section of the book to information about the photographs used to capture the essence of the poems in each section.

This is a must read for anyone who is looking for healing and answers to the bigger questions in life such as "What if everything is predetermined as undetermined? What if the Universe has a plan for you to be yourself?"

"When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is: A conversation about life between grandfather and grandson" is available on Amazon and at Wisdom of the Ages If you order through Wisdom of the Ages, you can receive an autographed copy from Bernie and Charlie.

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Charlie's works are available at Wisdom of the Ages and across many social media platforms by searching @NaturephotobySC

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