Monday, May 11, 2020

Mothers Day 2020

The Arnold Arboretum requested that families not visit on Lilac Sunday which is a Mother's Day tradition for many. There were no brunch gatherings to celebrate Mother's Day. Visits to mothers to celebrate and express love were done either via technology or social distancing and meals were either lovingly cooked at home or mom's favorites were chosen for take out. While the pandemic has cancelled many cherished traditions for celebration, we as a community have gotten very creative at how to find ways to celebrate under very different circumstances for Mother's Day 2020.

We are extremely blessed that Tom's job at Boston College is secure. While there are cost cutting measures happening at BC, their impact is minimal and we are grateful to be able to do our part to support the University's financial stability at this time.

Tom and Ruth Anne plotted with our favorite womanpreneur, Paula Romero Dunbar who followed her dream to open Paper Fiesta, Natick Center's Independently Owned Celebration Boutique. They called and texted back and forth putting together an amazing package of Mothers Day gifts for me. Journals, a Mr. Rogers book, kitchen towels and a mug and tumbler with the themes of Bee Kind, Bee Happy and Bee Grateful, chocolate treats and so much love in the presentation. Paula wrote on the box DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 5/10th and just in case I didn't pay attention to that warning, she put a little note card on top of the presents that said, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 5/10th."

While Tom and Ruth Anne knew what some of the gifts were, they shared in the surprise of other gifts that Paula put in to meet the budget they gave her.

If you look closely, you will see a big brown shopping bag in the background of my picture where I am holding up one of the packages lovingly wrapped by Paula.

Tom and Ruth Anne whisked that bag from our porch shortly after it was delivered by Eureka Puzzles and Games. Our son Autumn McManus and his partner Michelle Todd saw my Facebook posts about Eureka and how we love to support small business. Autumn also knows about our passion for puzzles. They live in Petersburgh NY and are the proprietors of M and A Farm. With the "lockdown" and their busy schedules as farmers and Autumn working for an IT company, their Mother's Day shopping was made easy with on line shopping and local delivery.

It was a first that our son sent a package that arrived before an event. He texted his dad that he was very proud of himself for making that happen especially this Mother's Day.

He lovingly chose the puzzle with the cats and books because it reminded him of the bookstores we would visit on Martha's Vineyard. And why did he choose Van Gogh's Sunflowers Puzzle? Because of my nickname..Mary Sunshine.

Now that is enough to fill this mother's heart with gratitude but there's more to the story...Ruth Anne and I selected a MicroPuzzle from Eureka during our last on line retail therapy session. Can you guess which puzzle we chose?

Yup Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I love the synchronicity that my son and I share and have shared through the years.

He also treated me to a long phone conversation which was one of the best gifts of the day.

The last gifts bestowed upon me for Mothers Day were FlavaBars from FlavaNaturals.

What makes the photo with Ruth Anne so sweet is that this is our first Mother's Day together in four years that she has been well. For four years she was suffering with an undiagnosed condition called PANDAS that causes brain inflammation secondary to an untreated infection. The symptoms manifest as neuropsychiatric in nature and she endured 14 hospitalizations.

What a gift to be together as a family for Mother's Day and to experience health and well being!

After the opening of presents, we did a strength training workout together.

I am so blessed and grateful for the gift of running in my life and we are so blessed to have running routes near our house where we can social distance. But I do miss running by the ocean in South Boston. We decided to take a drive to at least breathe in the sea air.

After meditation, Tom grilled chicken with potatoes and made a large salad.

We ended the day working on the puzzle and having a wonderful conversation counting our blessings.

So while there were no brunches or walks on the beach and we had to have a mask at the ready as we walked around our neighborhood, Mothers Day 2020 was a day overflowing with gifts...the greatest gifts being Love and well being supporting local businesses and enjoying the sacred gift of time together.

From my heart to yours
In health and wellness
With love and peace

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