Saturday, April 27, 2019

National Poetry Month: A Neighborhood Run

As the thunder crashed and flashes of lightning lit up the night sky, as rain poured last night, Tom and I wondered how were we ever going to get in our run today?! The weather called for cloudy skies with wind and temps in the 40's for this morning. We had a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A was to take to the hills and run a new route around our neighborhood away from the wind of the Reservoirs. Plan B was to go to the BU Fit/Rec Center and use the cardio equipment there if the elements proved to be hazardous for a run.

We awoke to the sound of the wind but no rain! Puddles were on our lawn and the street was still wet but nothing we couldn't manage especially since we had run through snow, slush and ice this past winter. We packed our ponchos in a runner's backpack, layered, wore a hat/headband and gloves and went out for a run.

There was a stiff headwind that greeted us.

"Should we plan to go the back route to Beacon Street and skip the hills?" Tom asked me.

"NO!" I answered. "I need to get ready for the Finish at the 50 5K and that's got those ramps to get through."

"All right," Tom said -- let' go for it!"

We headed down Eliot Street and up Dean Road which is a very steep and long hill. I embraced the challenge and sailed through the downhills.

When we got to Beacon Street, Tom asked me if I wanted to take a left or a right.

"A left," I suggested.

When we got to the end of Beacon Street at Cleveland Circle, we saw a group of young women sporting Boston College Women's Lacrosse Team jackets.

We stopped to catch our breath and I was inclined to ask, "Do any of you know Brittany..." and I paused to remember her last name.

"Wilton...yes....wait how do you know her?"

I told them the story of our not so chance encounter on Thursday.

"That's an incredible story!" Kenzie said. "My mom coaches the Lacrosse Team so yes we know Brittany."

We wished them well in their game tomorrow and we all sent each other on our way with "Go Eagles!"

I wrote this poem several years ago that clearly captures how I felt on today's run and my journey of transformation through running:

A Neighborhood Run from "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life":

Early on a weekend morning
lacing up
heading out
heart open
feeling free
runners pass me left and right
but no matter
I run my own race
keep my own pace
peaceful and content
celebrating health
feeling well and whole
holy integrated
in my sacred earthly home
remembering a time not so long ago
of estrangement from myself
isolated and apart
unworthy and wretched
oh the stories we tell ourselves
but no more
on this late summer day
my neighborhood
coming home in my body
I come home to my life.

The hills and headwind were challenging but I was rewarded with a wonderful runner's high as the endorphins surged with the effort.

With every run, I come home to my body. I come home to my life and discover something within me that is just perfect!

From my heart to yours
In Health and Wellness,

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