Friday, April 5, 2019

National Poetry Month: The Masterpiece of My Life

After years of dissociating from my body, a survival mechanism from contracting paralytic polio at age 5 and then enduring years of abuse at the hands of family members, my body started slowly shutting down. I had difficulty walking, swallowing, suffered with chronic fatigue; I had difficulty breathing and was in the dark night of my mind, body and soul.

Yet my Spirit was safely tucked away inside from the horrors of my youth. When I got still and asked for Divine Guidance after the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome, a progressive neuromuscular disease, the answer to my prayer came through my pen; what I came to call my Divining Rod for healing as poetry poured forth from my soul.

As Michelangelo saw the angel in the marble, I chiseled away the untruths of my youth and revealed the Masterpiece as my Loving Creator always meant to be.

From "Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems To Heal Your Life":
The Art of Being Present

Each moment is a blank canvas
smudges and splotches only in mind's eye
raindrops from the heart
wash away the past.
Each moment is an opportunity
overflowing with possibility.

How shall I paint this moment?

My portrait once a still life
in stillness
life force leaps

lover of life
a geyser of joy
a river of happiness
gratitude flows
fragrant flowers sweetness
strong roots
lit with softness of sun's tender embrace
back from the edge
the ledge between life and death
creating the masterpiece of my life
one breath at a time.

Independence Day

Do you dare let go and loosen the grip
griping and gripping do not serve you
lose the past and get a grip on the present
gifts of infinite possibilities
bemoaning reacting to what once was
get a grip on Truth
you are born to be free
create the masterpiece of your life
broad brush strokes
vibrant colors
fireworks leap off of the page
igniting soul
bursting into the magnificent Being you are always meant to be
it’s Independence Day
declare yourself free!

The Runner

Beautiful bedazzling beckoning Spirit shimmering on water
gentle ripples
muscles rippling as I run by catching glimpse of my own reflection
families of turtles and geese
a new season
a time to love
miracles of life abound
bearing witness
delicious decadent Divinity
feast for eyes and soul
quenches every thirst
her pace quickens
broad smile
transformed once more
the runner emerged
rubble from the past released to the Universe
the gravel beneath her winged feet
Hermes by her side
an Olympian going for the gold
the runner going the distance
running her own triumphant joyous race!

This quote from John "The Penguin" Bingham is one of my favs:

and inspired this poem:

Foot Strike

Each strike struck a chord of fear
How would I ever reclaim my life?
Holding onto hope
waiting for the day
when memories would no longer weigh heavy
free to run my own race.
Stomping in anger
striking back
shadow boxing with the thief
who stole away childhood innocence
a no win.
Each foot strike ignites my soul
fired up to run my best race
taking the lead
breaking finisher’s tape

today I won my race.

I am truly blessed and deeply grateful for the miracle of healing that I co-created with the Divine. Through the power of poetry, painting my life as I wanted it to be rather than as a victim of my past, I created and continue to create the masterpiece of my life.

To your health and wellness,
From my heart to yours

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“The Adventures of Runnergirl 1953” takes you on Mary McManus’ healing odyssey from a wheelchair to the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon and beyond. After the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome in December 2006, Mary got still and asked for Divine Guidance tapping into the powerful connection she experienced to the Divine from an early age. She harnessed the power of her mind to heal her body, feverishly writing poetry in which she imagined herself healthy, whole and free from the shackles of her youth. Mary’s quest to heal her life led her to the sport of running. Her story is one that will leave you cheering for the underdog, discovering the meaning of different ability and experiencing the stunning view from the back of the pack of a race. You will have the privilege of bearing witness to how Mary overcame every challenge that life presented to her. The sport of running provides the backdrop for her journey of transformation from a survivor of childhood paralytic polio and severe trauma at the hands of family members to a woman who embodies faith, grace under fire, courage, determination, endurance and resilience. Running became a way of life for Mary that tested her mettle while forging friendships to last a lifetime. As you’ll discover in “The Adventures of Runnergirl 1953” nothing, not even a serious knee injury in December of 2014 could stop her on the roads or in her life.

Feel the Heal: An Anthology of Poems to Heal Your Life

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Going the Distance: The Power of Endurance (With a Foreword by Jacqueline Hansen):

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